"Labelling Ball a science writer sells his writing short, for its value lies above all in a range that dissolves the awkward silences between science and the larger culture of which it is part." Marek Kohn - The Independent

Welcome to the machine, extended version of a feature article on molecular machines in Chemistry World January 2010
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Putting the nano into nanochemistry, a 20-year review of fullerenes in Chemistry World December 2005, p. 28.
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Synthetic biology for nanotechnology, a review in Nanotechnology 16, R1 (2005).
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Nanotechnology in the firing line: a talk delivered at the International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing held at The Royal Society, London, on 15-16 December 2003.
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A series of three programmes presented by Philip, which explore the emerging science of nanotechnology.

Nanoethics: a talk delivered at the Royal Society for the Arts, London, March 2003.
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Nanotechnology in fact and fiction: a (different!) talk for sixth-formers delivered at the University of Oxford, March 2003.
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Nanotechnology in fact and fiction: a talk delivered for the Founders' Day address, Union College, NY, February 2003.
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Natural strategies for the molecular engineer: a paper published in Nanotechnology (2002).
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The Unseen - A History of the Invisible

A series of five programmes looking at amazing events and characters from science history, on BBC Radio 4.

They are available for some time on the BBC iPlayer here.