"The most prolific and gifted writer in the [popular science] genre." Peter Forbes, The Author

Book cover to THE INGREDIENTS: A Guided Tour of the Elements

"A delight of a book· It could become a classic. Hold on to your first edition"New Scientist

"This provocative book· is surely worth a read by both general readers and chemists."Nature

"With [a] good-tempered twinkle Ball provides an extended essay on the culture, history, and nature of the chemical elements. His range is somewhat sweeping, but Ball is choosy about what he shares, and the immensity of the topic is never overwhelming."Chemical & Engineering News

"[Ball] teaches by seduction. By weaving the elements seamlessly into a coherent narrative, the author has given meaning to the entire system without overwhelming the reader with the profusion of its parts. Thatâs good writing."Natural History

"I would have loved this book as an enthusiastic 16-year-old and I would recommend it as a Christmas present to anyone of that age, or to journalists who may occasionally wish to appear smarter than they really are."Chemistry & Industry

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