"One of our most versatile and gripping science writers." John Carey

Editorial on the redefinition of the kilogram, Nature Materials 18, 299, April 2019. Available here.

Review of Marcus du Sautoy's The Creativity Code, Prospect, 4 March 2019. Available here.

New Statesman, 9 January 2019. Available here.

The Guardian, 6 December 2018. Available here. (Hm. don't pay too much attention to this title either...)

The Observer, 8 July 2018. Available here.

Observer, New Review supplement, 31 March 2018. Available here.

Review of an exhibition by artist Tomas Saraceno. Nature 543, 314; 16 March 2017. Available here.

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"Why Water is Weird"

Center for Free Electron Laser Science, Hamburg, 2 pm. Details here.