"One of our most versatile and gripping science writers." John Carey
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"Curiosity is a wonderful book that revises popular assumptions about the Scientific Revolution with great wit and insight. But ultimately it is both a cogent and vigorously argued reflection on what drives modern experimental science… Philip Ball distinguishes himself as unquestionably one of our finest – and most curious – writers on the history and future of science."Jerry Brotton, Literary Review

"Philip Ball, like Primo Levi, displays a polymath’s enthusiasm for knowledge of all kinds, and writes of science with humility and intelligent generosity… Ball’s new book, a readable survey of the role of curiosity in science, is a good example of what the French call haute vulgarisation – high-class popularisation. In pages of limpid prose, Ball brings difficult ideas down a level." Ian Thomson, Daily Telegraph

"Ball’s fascinating book revels not just in the experiments of these early scientists, but also in their humanity, foibles and passions."Ian Critchley, Sunday Times

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