"One of our most versatile and gripping science writers." John Carey

"Why physicists make up stories in the dark", Nautilus 6 March 2014. Available here.

"First waves create Nobel certainty" [hah!], Prospect April 2014. Available here.

"Machine envy", Aeon 7 January 2014. Available here.

"If you were a mathematician, which problems would you set out to solve?", Prospect February 2014. Available here.

"Can we build a quantum computer?", Prospect December 2013. See here.

Scientific controversies: three articles in La Recherche, August 2013. In French: but see here.

"Gene machines", Prospect, July 2013. Available here.

“Making good: the art of repair”, Aeon 29 May 2013. Available here.

“Curse of cursive handwriting”, Prospect, March 2013. Available here.

“Small things”, Aeon 15 February 2013. Available here.

“Pull an image from nowhere”, New Scientist 5 February 2013. Available here.

“No hurricane tonight”, Prospect p. 58-59, February 2013.

“Don’t expect graphene to perform miracles”, Guardian 29 December 2012. Available here.

“Science fictions”, Aeon 29 October 2012. Available here.

“The elusive element 113”, Prospect, November 2012. Available here.

“Riddled with irregularity”, Prospect, p.58-60, September 2012. Available here.

“Creepy, disturbing – and that’s just the composer: new era of music by machine”, Guardian, p.3, Monday 2 July 2012. Available here.

"Sublime intervention", New Statesman p.22-25, 30 April 2012.

“Curiosier and curioser”, New Humanist, May 2012. Available here.

“Nature’s color tricks”, Scientific American, May 2012. Available here.

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