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An article in Quanta, 26 January 2017. Available here.

An interview with the legendary physicist in Prospect, February 2017. Available here.

... Well, maybe. An article for BBC Earth, 16 February 2017. Available here.

An article in The Observer New Review, 8 January 2017. Available here.

An article in Prospect, February 2016. Available here.

On quantum entanglement, and what it really means. Prospect, July 2016. Available here.

Why you shouldn't waste too much time fretting over this question. An article for BBC Earth, September 2016. Available here.

How space events might affect evolution on Earth. An article for BBC Earth, November 2016. Available here.

The Crawick Multiverse. An article for BBC Earth 1 March 2016. Available here.

An alternative history of the great ideas of science. Nautilus, December 2016. Available here.

"Why physics is not a discipline", Nautilus 21 April 2016. Available here.

"Life rocks: what can meteorites tell us about life on and beyond earth?", Aeon 18 March 2016. Available here.

"The truth about Hannibal's route across the Alps", The Observer 3 April 2016. Available here.

"The God quest: why humans long for immortality", New Statesman 30 July 2015. Available here.

"Were medieval magicians experimental scientists?" (essay book review), Prospect January 2016. Available here.

"The story trap", Aeon 12 November 2015. Available here.

"Will ET drink water?", Nautilus 14 June 2015. Available here.

"The trouble with scientists", Nautilus 14 May 2015. Available here.

"Too many worlds", Aeon 17 February 2015. Available here.

"The strange inevitability of evolution", Nautilus 8 January 2015. Available here.

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