"One of our most versatile and gripping science writers." John Carey

"Patterns in nature"

A talk for the centenary of D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form, University of Dundee. Details to come.

Self-organized movement.

A talk for Crossing Borders dance collaboration, London. Details to come.

In conversation with Peter Randall-Page

Workshop on the centenary of On Growth and Form, Lorentz Centre, Leiden, 10.00 am. Details via here.

"Patterns in nature"

Workshop for the centenary of On Growth and Form, Lorentz Centre, Leiden, 16.30. Details via here.

"Guide" for the BBC Radio 3/ Wellcome weekend "Why Music II: Music and Memory"

Wellcome Collection, Euston Road, London

"It's not quantum mechanics that's weird: it's us"

New Scientist Live, Excel Centre, London, 15.45. Details here.

"The power of the right hook: Slogans for selling quantum mechanics"

Workshop on Participatory Realism, Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study, South Africa

"The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China", Hay Literary Festival, Hay-on-Wye. Details to come.

"On Growth and Form: 100 years of an extraordinary book", Royal Institution London, 7 pm. Details here.

"Exploring the influence of D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson", Edinburgh Science Festival, 3 pm. Details here.

Interviewing Roger Penrose at the Oxford Literary Festival, 10 am. Details here.

"Art and Light", Towner Gallery Eastbourne. Details here.

"Why water is weird", Queen Mary University London, 3 pm.

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Philip was made Science Commentator of the Year in the 2015 Comment awards - details here.