Beyond words

Beyond words – science and visual theatre: an article published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 27, 169 (2002).
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Published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 27, 169 (2002)
Philip Ball, Nature, 4-6 Crinan St., London, N1 9XW, UK

Science is becoming increasingly visible in the theatre, where it is often regarded as a fertile source of ideas and metaphors. I argue that we should not overlook the potential of science as an abundant well of visual imagery for the theatre. Scientific research and discovery can provide new physical languages for theatrical expression, and new ways of looking at and depicting the world. Scientists at the nexus of experiment and discovery have often seen things never before observed by human eyes; such visions, recreated or re-imagined for a theatre audience, can stimulate the kind of wonderment that is central to the theatrical experience. …