Reviews: MADE TO MEASURE: New Materials for the 21st Century

Made to Measure: New Materials for the 21st Century, a book by Philip Ball

“Let me state upfront that Made to Measure is an outstanding book. It is beautifully written and illustrated. Ball has done his research extremely well and writes with deep understanding. If you buy no other science book this year, I suggest you buy this one.”Colin Humphreys, New Scientist

“It is refreshing to find a book on “new” materials that sets them in their context, recognizing that they have a pedigree. The range of materials and applications considered is vast. But the book is far from being just a list of diverse materials. It also offers analysis of trends. The science is described with a fluency and accuracy that puts most practising scientists to shame.”Lindsay Greer, Nature

“Ball’s point of view is that of a very well informed outsider, looking in. This is quite unique. Made to Measure succeeds admirably by paying attention to some of the real detail of the issues involved, and not asking the reader to accept that anything is too complicated to explain or understand. Buy this book and read it for your own pleasure.”Alex King, Materials Today

“Ball has a terrific talent not only for illuminating a field of research in materials but also for exposing some of the not-so-obvious principles in a new area – principles that have not previously been organized or spelled out in so engaging a fashion. The result is a book that has popular appeal and accessibility. With his command of the subject matter and an ability to stimulate new thinking in scientists and non-scientists alike, Ball has written a book that will richly reward both new and knowledgeable readers.”Matthew Tirrell, Chemical & Engineering News

“The awesome cornucopia of modern materials science, brimming with deft inventions and molecular marvels, is aptly and ably displayed here. Anyone eager to know whatâs coming, including both venture capitalists and poets, will relish this book.”Dudley Herschbach, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

“Made to Measure is a lucid account of the most advanced new materials. If you like the down-to-the-last-atom designer Îstuffâ described within, youâll love the twenty-first century.”Richard Smalley, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

“Made to Measure has an appeal that won’t let you stop reading once you start. A fascinating and intellectual work about invention and the craft of making new and exciting materials.”Norman Smith, AAAS

Princeton University Press Hard Back 480 pages (Dec 1997) ISBN 0-691-02733-1 Also in paperback 1999

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