Tricks of the Light

Extended version, with images, of an article on ‘caustic art’ published in New Scientist 30 January 2013.
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Nature’s Fantastical Palette

An extended version of an article on animal photonics and physical coloration published in Scientific American, May 2012. Download PDF.

Playing God

An article published in New Humanist, January-February 2011.
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Quantum Biology

An article on quantum coherence in photosynthesis and related quantum phenomena in biology, published in Nature 474, 272 (June 2011).

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Beyond the Bond

An article on outstanding questions in our understanding of chemical bonding, published in Nature 469, 26 (January 2011).
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Bright Lights, Bug City

“Bright Lights, Bug City” an extended version (with illustrations) of the feature article of the same title in New Scientist, 22 Feb 2010.
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