The Burning Question

Led by the Science by Philip Ball.
Radio 4 Broadcast 2021

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Ahead of a huge year for climate change policy that will culminate in COP 26 in Glasgow, Philip Ball explores how the fight against climate change can move beyond the political left/right agenda. The left has been labelled as the part of the political spectrum for policies that will reduce carbon emissions and the right as those arguing for business as usual. But Philip Ball shows that the picture is more complex than that.
He also asks if the world needs a new way of making decisions about climate policies. It’s become accepted that targets for carbon emissions should be set on a global scale but would there be more progress if they were made for individual nations? To stop global warming do we need a new approach that appeals to national interests, (which have been associated with the right), as well as the international (and more traditionally left wing), which seems to have become the received wisdom as the best way to tackle it.

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